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So many people admire John Updike — one local editors says he should win the Nobel for literature — that I am almost afraid to voice my dissenting opinion that he will one day be viewed as one of the twentieth century’s most overrated authors. “I like middles,” Updike once asserted, whereas I prefer borders.

But let’s not speak ill of this dedicated man of letters now that he’s gone. Following are some of the best Updike links (and a few brief ones) I have found from the first wave of appreciations. Soon, I am sure, we will have more in-depth retrospectives.


image from John McNab’s photostream


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  1. have heard an anecdote where Updike, eager to meet reclusive genius Thomas Pynchon, passed an invitation to a cocktail party to the great author through his publishers. Pynchon returned a reply “I only drink Ovaltine”. he must have agreed that Updike is a bit overrated.