We all know we should keep our webware up to date to avoid security vulnerabilities. But some of us get careless sometimes and let things slide.

Bad idea. Hackers entered this site through my publishing wiki. The wiki had not been very active lately (it’s hard to get a gaggle of publishing people together on anything), and I hadn’t been giving it a lot of thought. I think the hackers might have entered through a vulnerability in the wiki’s search function. The vandals weren’t particularly technologically sophisticated, but they defecated porn links all over the site. I was up until 3:00AM cleaning up the mess.

Everything should be okay now (it’s possible I might have overwritten a few of the latest revisions to some pages). Since the wiki wasn’t getting a lot of use, I might redo its most useful content as plain html pages for the moment.

Many thanks to Dusk Peterson for calling the attack to my attention!


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  1. annexensen

    what jerks!

  2. I thought you’d been hacked again and was going to e-mail you but then, saw that you’d caught it. One of the reasons that I stay on blogger dot com is that somebody else is watching the chicken coup for me. It seems like these juvenile idiots are just watching for you to drop your guard – guess they don’t have a life. They certainly don’t have any ethics!!!!!!!