The Island at the End of the World

Penguin Books and Creativity magazine recently ran a Hearts and Minds Talent Competition for which entrants designed the cover of a book by Sam Taylor, described as “a chilling novel about the near future, where most of the world has been destroyed by catastrophic floods.” There were many strong entries. Shown below are four of the twenty-five finalists. At lower right is the winning entry by Matt Taylor. At upper left is the first runner up by Pillow Fort. The one at lower left was designed by Alan Vladusic and the one at upper right by John Rice.

island at the end of the world penguing book cover design competition


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  1. Some awesome covers there, think they chose the right winner in the end…it does look phenomenally good. But is the book any good – I recently got recommended it by my Book Of The Month Club and it sounds a good read – just have to find it with this cover now!

  2. Just noticed that Sam Taylor actually posts on that site too!