A WordPress plugin, and how to find category ID numbers

This is post that will be of interest only to WordPress bloggers. Fernando Briano, a programmer based in Uruguay, has created a simple WordPress plugin that produces a list of posts by category. You can adjust the number of items shown, but the adjustment is global — it would be nice to be able to control the number of items in each instance that you use it. Also, the posts are listed in chronological order, and there is no option to change that.

To use the plugin you place some code in your post that calls up the category by ID number. Many plugins use ID numbers. But since version 2.5, WP doesn’t show ID numbers in the administration panel. What to do? The answer is to click on the category in the “manage categories” list — the ID number is shown in the url.

Following are some examples of the plugin in action.

Some posts about graphic design

Some posts about Photoshop

Some posts about translation

Some posts about book publishing


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  1. Hi, thanks for commenting on my plugin. I’m working on an update, which will include among other options, being able to call the category by its name, instead of by ID, and to control the number of posts for every time you use it.

    Thanks again.