Who has been editing Wikipedia?

The new ability created by Wikipedia Scanner to track Wikipedia edits by IP address has brought some folks hours of entertainment. Where have the collaborative encyclopedia’s edits been coming from?

No doubt more revelations will be forthcoming.

Update, 32 Aug. The Dutch royal family admits scrubbing an entry.

You didn’t think you had any privacy online, did you?

(The wikipedia scanner link, at this writing, is down .)

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  1. God bless geeks!

  2. Corporate meddling doesn’t have any limits, does it? And the more slimy the corporation (Faux not-news), the more determined they are to rewrite the facts. Unfortunately, once TPTB “discovered” The Wiki, it’s been much more suspect in regards to facts and figures. I love the Internet but still prefer to get my news via more mainstream publications which, of course, have their own problems.

  3. One of my colleagues told me about Fox and Wikipedia, but I hadn’t heard about all these other tweaks. The links are great! I’ve passed them on to another colleague who is interested in the issue.

  4. Thanks, Damozel

    BTW, I’ve subscribed to your feed.

  5. How nice of you! Thanks! Being quite new, we treasure each and every subscriber. (I subscribed to yours as well, as it happens!)