Motorized paraglider

I don’t know what you call this — it appears to be some form of motorized paragliding. There were a couple of guys taking off from Anna Maria Island when we were there in Florida during the biting cold spell this January.

Whatever it is, like jet skiiing, off-road biking, and similar activities it’s probably fun to do but seems a little noisy for the context.

The video was taken with a Kodak EIS camera that my sister gave me. It shoots high-res videos, is slim enough to fit in your shirt pocket, and includes a built-in usb connection.

BTW, if a youtube video does not appear to be high-definition you can force the issue by appending &fmt=6 &fmt=18 or &fmt=22 after the url. But I think that soon most or all high-res videos will have an option at the bottom to simply select high definition. (Or, you can go to your youtube account page and tell it to always show high definition.)

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  1. annexensen

    Those motorized gldiers are really noisy-but they look fun! The video turned out well.

  2. Noise and mega-noise seem to be an integral part of the young male and sometimes female zeitgeist. If it doesn’t make noise, it’s not worth doing. But I second Anne’s comment -it does look fun. On a visit to my sister in Minnesota, I went ice sailing a few years ago. My nephew guided the boat and I..well, felt like I was flying. It was marvelous.