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What is water?

Cool video made from David Foster Wallace commencement address.

1616 video trailers

I made two trailers for my forthcoming book 1616: The World in Motion. The short one is a little over a minute long and has no voice-over narration….

The Danish Poet

The Danish Poet is a animated short film written, directed, and animated by Torill Kove. It is narrated by Liv Ullmann. Via Jason del Arroz.

Who was Phillipa Fallon?

I linked to this video on Friday, but it’s so hep it kept calling out to be embedded here. The scene is from the movie High School Confidential….

Motorized paraglider

I don’t know what you call this — it appears to be some form of motorized paragliding. There were a couple of guys taking off from Anna Maria…

Public service announcement

Before “upgrading” your Netflix instant-watch player, think about it. .

Python poetry

. via Robert Peake .

A story of a sign


Illustrating Lennon

Jerry Levitan, working with direction Josh Raskin, illustrator James Braithwaite, and digital artist Alex Kurina, has produced an animated version of an interview he made thirty-eight years ago…

Motion typography

This is brilliant.

Working with video in Photoshop

Russel Brown has an interesting sequence of tutorials on working with video in Photoshop. In part one he demonstrates combining two video sequences using a layer mask In…

Against violence in movies

Maybe it makes me a wuss, but I don’t care. I just have no interest in seeing violent films. Even though I host a blog about Mesoamerica and…

The end

A Flickr set. via Swiss Miss

A message from Mr. D.

Royal Futura

Most discussion of type in film centers on anachronisms — how could characters in a movie set in the thirties read materials set in a typeface designed in…

The impotence of proofreading

via India Ink

Interview with Julio Cortazar

Two hours with Julio! (In Spanish.)

Read a Book

director’s comments via splodinvark

Dillard Tired

In New York Magazine Daniel Asa Rose quotes Annie Dillard as giving up writing: “I’m tired,” declared the 62-year-old Dillard, who says that she won’t be doing any…

Copyright video

Below is part one of the Disneyfied copyright video. I previously linked to part two — which proves the information must be reliable.

The Writer’s Life … in Film