Who was Phillipa Fallon?

I linked to this video on Friday, but it’s so hep it kept calling out to be embedded here.

The scene is from the movie High School Confidential. Phillipa Fallon, who plays the poet, is brilliant, but she seems to have had few other roles, and not much is known about her. Jackie Coogan is the piano player. The poem itself seems to have been written by “B-movie actor and writer” Mel Welles (1924-2005). The lyrics to “High School Drag” kinda go something like this:

My old man was a bread stasher all his life.
He never got fat. He wound up with a used car,
a 17 inch screen and arthritis.

Tomorrow is a drag, man.
Tomorrow is a king sized bust.

They cried ‘put down pot,’ ‘don’t think a lot,’ for what?
Time, how much? And what to do with it.

Sleep, man, and you might wake up digging the whole
human race giving itself three days to get out.

Tomorrow is a drag, pops, the future is a flake.

I had a canary who couldn’t sing.
I had a cat who let me share my pad with her.
I bought a dog that killed the cat who ate the canary.
What is truth?

I had an uncle with an ivy league card. 
He had a life with a belt in the back.
He had a button-down brain.
Wind up a belt in the mouth with a button-down lip.

We cough blood on this earth.
Now there’s a race for space.
We can cough blood on the moon soon.

Tomorrow’s dragsville, cats.
Tomorrow is a king size drag.

Tool a fast shore, swing with a gassy chick.
Turn on to a thousand joys.
Smile on what happened, or check what’s going to happen,
You’ll miss what’s happening.
Turn your eyes inside and dig the vacuum.

Tomorrow, DRAG.

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  1. I’ll be publishing the full story on Phillipa Fallon soon (hopefully before the end of May, 2010) on http://www.conelrad.com. It is as strange and complicated as you might imagine it to be.