flemish dude

I have a feeling I’m not going to get a lot of sympathy with this, but I have to be in Bruges in Belgium next week — far from family and holiday preparations — on a press check. I’m printing a book about the art of the Mewar kingdom of Rajasthan with Die Keure there. This was a difficult project, and it was hard to make my print window. There was no flex because of the two short weeks around Christmas and New Years. Besides, the book is already late. Since I wasn’t sure I would make my deadlines, I had to wait to book my flight and hotel. Thankfully, that’s done now. I’ll be staying at the Hotel Adornes.

So we’ll see what Bruges is like the week before Christmas. (It’s likely to be nippy.) There’s a holiday market and an ice rink at the Markt. And the usual Flemish attractions of beer, mussels, frites, and such.

I took the image of the Flemish guy above — decked out for some sort of procession — during a previous trip, at about the location of this hotel in the quieter half of the city.