World’s Tallest Man Saves Pair of Dolphins

bao xishun
image via random good stuff

Bao xishun, at seven feet nine inches, is said to be the world’s tallest man. But that’s not the item. The item is that he was called in by a veterinarian to save a couple of dolphins that had swallowed some sort of plastic. Using his extremely long arms, Bao reached into the dolphins’ stomachs and retrieved the offending items.

UPDATE: Bao Xishun was married on 24 March 2007. I’ve posted a photo of the wedding here.

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  1. annexensen

    That is so amazing! I see hes the tallest man by 0.2cm according to Guinness!

  2. Shahid

    I wish to grow really tall… i rekon it looks really good… I would like for you to help me answer this question. What would you advise me to do and which things would you advise me to eat to grow tall?

  3. Shahid, the best thing you can do if you want to be tall is to move to the Netherlands.