Seen at BEA

A few sightings from this year’s book publishing trade convention:

  • Dan Halpern of Ecco Press among a group of people hoping to win Sex and the City tickets.
  • Dale Pendell (Walking with Nobby: Conversations with Norman O. Brown) strolling between halls at 9:29, headed for his autographing session scheduled for 9:30.
  • Numerous booksellers strangely still lining up for signed books from Jackie Collins
  • Desperate Scientology boothers practically kidnapping weary passersby whose attention was flagging
  • Project Runway’s Daniel Vosovic in a conservative suit, with sneakers
  • Leonard Nimoy’s publisher delivering only 15 books 0f his The Full Body Project (“interpretive nude photographic studies of full-bodied women”) for his signing (disappointing a long line of fans)
  • Like Water for Chocolate translators in a line for a book of sheet music called Mariachi for Gringos, then threatening to perform the songs on a ukulele.

ukulele rocky

Photo of some guy from Hawaii holding a uke
via Pieces and Bits.


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  1. Claire

    No! Not the ukulele!