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On Aspect Ratios

Exploring aspect ratios in photography, fine art, and publishing.

Photo to Line Art Technique

How can we convert an image made of pixels into line art?

A Test of Adobe Super Resolution

Adobe has released a feature that expands on the previous “enhance details.” Super Resolution uses artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of camera raw images. How well does it do?

A First Test of Photoshop’s New Sky Replacement Feature

Photoshop 2021 has introduced some AI features that are a mix of exciting and disturbing.

The Blend If function in Photoshop

the Blend If function is one of the most powerful in Photoshop. Watch a video from Phlearn.

Photoshop tutorial: how to extend a graduated background

Some photographs — like this one of “Inside Out,” 2006, by Ueno Masao (b. 1949; Kanto region: active in Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture; madake bamboo, rattan, and gold leaf,…

Correcting color cast with Photoshop

I wish I could say I invented this technique for correcting color cast, but I actually learned about it from an online tutorial. Here I’ve added a wrinkle…

Low vibrancy

Here’s a Photoshop tutorial that “uses two adjustment layers to lower the vibrancy of the photo while preserving some colors.” Well, fine, but why go to that trouble?…

Always check your work

Photoshop is a handy tool, but don’t give yourself a pat on the back without first looking over what you’ve done. . via gigglesugar (whatever that is) .

Lens blur

While waiting for the Super Tuesday results to come into focus, let’s spend another day on Photoshop before shifting gears to another of our topics. The other day…

Working with video in Photoshop

Russel Brown has an interesting sequence of tutorials on working with video in Photoshop. In part one he demonstrates combining two video sequences using a layer mask In…

Tilt-shifting the Pioneer Monument

Let’s have a little fun tilt-shifting San Francisco‘s Pioneer Monument. I choose the Pioneer Monument for a couple of reasons: I look down on it out my window…

My Photoshop default workflow

I process most images that I post to the web in Photoshop, and I have a simple workflow that does what I want with a minimum of fuss….

Tutorial: Restoring a Dark Image in Photoshop

I’ve written about restoring dark images before, but the other day I was working on a less radical image than the ones I was writing about then, and…