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Tutorial: Restoring a Dark Image in Photoshop

west group, kabah

I’ve written about restoring dark images before, but the other day I was working on a less radical image than the ones I was writing about then, and I thought a more detailed step-by step tutorial might be in order. In the image above — a picture of the western group of ruins at the Maya site of Kabah in the Yucatan — the original is on the left and the corrected version on the right. Follow me through the process here.


The Observatory at Chichen Itza


Seen on eBay


  1. Carla

    Very cool!

  2. Nice job of breaking down the steps. I’m going to link to this article if you don’t mind.

    Good work.

  3. link = cool


  4. Adidas

    That’s impressive, thanks for tutorial. But, I have one question, is it possible to import Models from 3D Studio Max to Photoshop? if I want to give the picture some 3d effects.

  5. If you visit my site, which is quite of age, you will see that photography is about using a flashlight correctly. Still, I would never be able to manipulate to such an extent. Nice. I like professionalism.

  6. Misty

    Your tutorial on restoring a dark image has saved some of my most precious photos. This worked SOOOO well. Thank you! Thank God that there are people out there who post helpful information.

  7. Thanks, Misty. That’s good to hear!

  8. Dude, you rock!!
    I like how you did much brighter picture but I don ‘t went so well that the following steps

  9. Grace

    Excellent tutorial. Thank you for posting this!

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