Most free typefaces are worth about what you pay for them. But the Danish design firm Kontrapunkt (I think the word means “counterpoint”) has released its fine corporate typeface in type 1 format as a free download. Designed by Bo Linneman, it was awarded the Danish Design Prize for best typeface in 2004. Kontrapunkt is a square slab serif available in light and bold versions. It’s a highly legible face reminiscent of Eurostile. On the Kontrapunkt website it is used in headers in all caps, which further accentuates its squareness (maybe a little too much). Because it has been offered as a free download for a few years now, it might be starting to look a bit familiar, but it’s still a good, functional face. Here’s what it looks like with a variety of text faces.

kontrapunkt free typeface

For something similar, see Cholla Slab.