Merry 2007

How can it not be merry? We are so much smarter than we were a year ago. Just consider the BBC’s list of 100 things we now know that we didn’t know last year. (Check out their site for more info.)

Some of the new knowledge includes:

  • Urban birds have developed a short, fast “rap style” of singing, different from their rural counterparts.
  • The lion costume in the film The Wizard of Oz was made from real lions.
  • The Pope has been known to wear red Prada shoes.
  • Barbie’s full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts.
  • A domestic cat can frighten a black bear to climb a tree.
  • Music can help reduce chronic pain by more than 20% and can alleviate depression by up to 25%.
  • In a fight between a polar bear and a lion, the polar bear would win.

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  1. The polar bear might win now but with the Artic Ice Melt ruining their habitat the lion may have a chance soon!
    Canada has recorded a decrease of 22 percent in the polar bear population over the past 20 years, and during the same period, the polar ice caps have receded by 22 percent.