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Carnage in the book world

That’s what Carole Cadwalladr, in the Guardian, is calling this year’s Frankfut Book Fair. Sounds about right (except that it misses the boredom element that is never quite absent at Frankfurt), and this is the best report from the fair that I’ve read so far. Click the excerpt to read the full article.

Visit the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest literary marketplace, and you might think publishing is only vaguely about writers – next to the carousing, the deals, and the piled-up ‘product’. And then, there’s the fabulous gossip, this year centring on the shenanigans at PFD, Britain’s most prestigious – and troubled – literary agency . . .


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  1. DMS

    I have been to the fair a few years ago. You are right. It is very boring. Quite why it should be called a carnage in the bookland beats me!

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