3,778 overdue books returned

And they were 126 years overdue. The books were taken by Chile from Peru during the 1879-1883 War of the Pacific. The Guardian reports:

Nivia Palma, national director of libraries, archives and museums in Chile, presented the books to Peruvian officials at a ceremony, calling the act a “concrete expression of our deep commitment to building a relationship of brotherhood and cooperation between our countries.”

Foreign Minister Jose Garcia Belaunde thanked Chile for returning the books, and said the two neighbours must work to strengthen their friendship.

Does this mean the two countries are putting their disputes about pisco behind them?

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  1. How touching! I hope that payment of a fine was discussed and finally written off! I should be so lucky when I delay returning a book to the library!

  2. Keep them out 126 years and you’ll probably be okay.

  3. You got me there! Unfortunately, I read the books that I borrow!