Vector Magic

vector magic

VectorMagic is an “online tool for precision vectorization.” In other words, it is an autotracer that converts pixel-based images (photos, screen captures, etc.) to vectors, which can then be scaled without loss of quality. You upload an original image and download the vectorized result. This would be a big time-saver if you wanted to manipulate an image in a program like Illustrator. There could be other uses, which I will leave to your imagination, except to say that the folks at typophile can’t be altogether pleased, and it will be up to the user to observe copyright and EULA image restrictions. In my tests the program performed extremely well. In the screen shot above the original image is on the left and the vector conversion on the right.

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  1. I have a Mac and would like to know if this works on Mac before I download it and start fiddling around. So many of these free programs only work on PC’s (alas).

  2. Thanks for that tip. I find that any such information is useful for a non-tech-savvy person such as me.

  3. There is nothing to install. It’s all done on the VM website, and you don’t have to install anything or make any changes to your browser or system. All you do is upload your original image and download the vectorized result.