A little self-promotion here, tinged with a bit of nostalgia for the early days of the web. Blog.rightreading.com readers might not have chanced upon my Book of Days, over at the html wing of this site. This site’s origins go back to December 1994 when we launched the website of Mercury House, the book publishing company I directed. (I think it was one of the first book publishing websites.) An intern, Joshua Grossnickle (who has since gone on to bigger things), was responsible for that first version.

I partitioned a little section off as my personal space. In those days my personal web space was sort of resumelike (boring). Then I broke out of that mode with the daybook, which was the first ambitious personal project on the site. The Book of Days is still around and I update it from time to time. (I should probably redo it in a more web 2.0 style — but life is short.) It’s a personal daybook — I include what interests me, making no attempt to be exhaustive.

You could check it out.