Earlier I mentioned that I was getting a lot of incoming traffic from StumbleUpon (about 1500 visits each of the past few weeks, to be numeric). So I’ve been doing a bit of stumbling myself, and I like the diversity of topics and sites that are represented (compared, for example, to something like digg, which has an exceedingly narrow focus and is ruled with an iron first by a ruthless cabal of YTMs (young tech males). As a next step I’d like to add a few stumbling friends and see how that goes. Any takers? I’m called xensen.

By the way, StumbleUpon rates some profiles “R,” for what seem to me kind of silly reasons, so you have to put an age in your profile to “prove” you’re eighteen and see those pages. I was feeling a bit Laozi when I did this, so I put in the oldest age they would allow, which turned out to be 90. So, what would happen next year, when I would turn 91?