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John McCain Supports Gay Marriage, “Particularly Between Passionate Females”

… according to his website. Explanation: he was stealing images (ripping off bandwidth) for his myspace site and the image host retaliated with a little prank.

I know how the guy (Newsvine Founder and CEO Mike Davidson) feels. What is it about myspace sites? Lately a lot of myspace pages have been using my bandwidth by linking to images from this site without attribution. I wouldn’t mind if they credited the link, but I’ve been getting dinged every time their pages load and getting nothing back in return. So I’ve had to put a little code in my .htaccess file to serve up a different image instead. (Maybe after a while I’ll try removing this and see if it gets to be a problem again.)

Original story and screenshots here.

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  1. I’m currently having .htaccess return a 403 error for image hotlinks, but I’ll probably redirect to an image, once I have decided on a good one for generic use.


  2. Wow, quite a range of inspiration there.

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