Damn, your captchas are hard

There’s some Steve Martin movie — okay, we’re not at le niveau culturel le plus élevé here — where he’s pulled over while driving, and the cop asks him to do handstands, backflips, and god knows what.

“Damn,” he says, “your drunk tests are hard.”

Some captchas are just about as hard. Here’s a sample from the list over at the English Headwear Blog.

difficult catchas

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  1. sam sanders

    Wow, I thought I had seen some hard captchas, but these definitely top the list. I think a lot of sites do premature-spam-stopping in this way. I’d say the correct approach is to add a very simple captcha (which will keep away most bots), and ramp up the difficulty if/when your spam comments increase.

  2. Yes, those ones are crazy. What were the designer’s thinking? I think captchas are very useful – since I installed one, I’ve had no spam! But the one I use is a simple math one, eg 1 + 8. So simple..

  3. those captchas are 100% crazy!