Gathering storm clouds over Amalfi

This photo was taken from the spectacular trail in the Lattari Mountains overlooking the Amalfi Coast called the Sentiero degli Dei — the path of the gods. A few hours after the photo was taken a fierce storm hit the coast. (Click through for a larger version.)

I’ve just returned from a trip to Rome and the Costa Amalfitano and will return to blogging. I’m processing my photos from the trip and sorting them into smaller and more manageable sets and hope to post them to Flickr over the weekend.

In this blog I try to mostly focus on issues of print and electronic publication, from concept through distribution. But I am likely to be off topic for a bit as I share some Italiana over the next week or so.

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  1. And here I thought you were working night and day. HA! But Viva Italia! I’m looking forward to the photos.

  2. Oh if you knew how much I love stormy weather. You too?

  3. I loved those clouds. They reminded me of some of the skies in Italian Renaissance paintings. I took quite a lot of pictures.

    The next day there was such a fierce storm we were afraid to leave the house. It was down a semi-dirt road, and I was afraid we would get stuck in the mud in that remote setting. Some boats were lost, some people blew off cliffs, and I think there was snow atop Mt. Vesuvius.

    James, you probably wouldn’t like most of the storms we have here in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live. We rarely get the sense of building tension followed by an cathartic explosion of thunder and lightning — instead our storms tend to be long sieges of relentless drizzle that wear you down with dogged dreariness.