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New new Shakespeare portraits

More fun with computer morphing. What did Shakespeare look like? It’s possible one of these computer morphs might provide a clue. The image on the left morphs the Sanders and Chandos portraits. The image on the right morphs in three equal parts the Sanders, Cobb, and Chandos portraits.

For a full discussion of what’s going on here, see this previous summary of Shakespeare portraits, with a morph of the Chandos and Cobb images. I have made these new morphs in response to Jim Hale-Sanders’s arguments in favor of the Sanders portrait.

For reference, here are all three morphs, with the original Chandos/Cobb on the right:

all three new Shakespeare portraits


A new look for the BBC


“Books” in the age of the IPad


  1. JD

    as I said-
    the eyes have it

  2. I see your point, JD — there is some similarity there.

  3. Great !
    Are you still at it ?
    Am trying to spread the shakespearean word in France. Quite a job. The portrait issue is a pungent one when introducing Shakespeare to unaware audiences. Hence my interest in your occupation.
    Hope you’re still (alive and) kicking !
    All the best

  4. Oh yeah, I’m like a bad penny, hard to get rid of. Recently published an essay on “Shakespeare’s Globe.”

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