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We’re in Trouble

Eric and Kristen are in unfamiliar territory. They have only known one another a few weeks, but they have decided they are already deeply, madly in love.

Tha’s the way Christopher Coake’s collection of stories entitled We’re in Trouble begins. The collection has won Coake a deal of praise, and Granta seems to share this enthusiasm. It has named Coake one of the “best young U.S. novelists.”

What’s odd about this is that Coake — like six other of the young writers on the list — has never published a novel.


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  1. Carla

    Now that’s getting ahead of the curve!

    Maybe they should also put together their list of the next generation of novelists now, while they’re still in preschool.

  2. vincenzo

    Yeah, kind of weird. I just read that one of these select few–Karen Russell–was, before literary stardom, a dating blogger for called strumpet22! Haven’t read her novel (St. Lucy’s something-something), though I look forward to checking it out, if its anywhere nearly as charming as her blog!

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