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Ochre Ellipse

ochre ellipseOver at Mumbling Mynah Jonas is offering copies of his graphic book Ochre Ellipse for just $3.00. The cover is shown. “What I was trying to do,” he says about the cover, “was copy some children’s drawings from an old issue of Highlights I found at SCRAP.”

I suppose narrative pictorial art is on my mind because I’ve been working on labels and text panels for the Asian Art Museum’s Yoshitoshi and Tezuka exhibitions the past few days.


Worlds of Words


Dolling Up the Classics


  1. Thanks for the link! I just dropped a copy in the mail for you (gratis—what the heck). Enjoy!
    The upcoming Tezuka exhibit sounds awesome. I’ll definitely be dropping by to check it out.

  2. Well, thanks. I’ve been meaning to send my dollars but now I’ll find something to exchange instead. Cheers, t

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