Publishers Weekly for sale

pw cover

Here’s your chance to prove your commitment to print. Purchase (the increasingly pointless) Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, or School Library Journal, all of which are on the block. Pay no mind to the fact that the information these magazines contain is now largely available on the internet.

Details at

“In a related announcement, Tad Smith, CEO of RBI US, has resigned.”

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  1. Good points about useless publications. I know that when I started doing my reviews for the, I looked at a lot of magazines. They didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know. But what I do wish I (and other semi-official blogger/journalists) had is a read editor. I suppose that they are just watching to make sure we give proper attribution to quotes and photographs and add appropriate links, but I want to write better. In a way, I’m lucky. I just got back from a visit to my mother where I looked at my old school records. I had to take four years of English, Math, languages (modern and Latin), science, wrote for the school newspaper, organized the debating society – and seldom had to worry about being beat up for my school money or drug use or any of the multitude of problems that face high school teacher today. So, I already have the fundamentals of writing and I can pick up a journalistic style by reading the NY Times and other good publications – not the simplistic tripe that’s put out by the magazines that you mention. But really learning journalism, really learning a good newspaper style – that often needs a good editor and that we ain’t got.