Hanuman Maximon

I have been toying with the idea of starting a little imprint to publish mainly world literature and other titles with international scope. It would be called Hanuman Maximon. (Hanuman is the monkey hero of the Ramayana; Maximon is the cigar-smoking rebel saint of the highland Maya.)

This is a logo for the imprint. I haven’t really decided on the color scheme yet. Any reactions? (Hmmm, maybe the graphics part should be a little smaller.)

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  1. Donald Zochert

    Yes, smaller. I’d let the monkey loose and go with Maximon. It’s uplifting.

  2. Thanks, Donald. I like the kind of cross-cultural third-worldish connection between the two auspicious deities spanning South-Southeast Asia and Latin America. The idea of them in a partnership amuses me, and the combination of the names has a pleasing sound to my ear.

  3. The logo is very nice and while the cross cultural implications of the two names is fascinating, it might be too much of a mouthful for a good sales pitch.

  4. It might have to go by “H&M.”

  5. I like the name! But, then again, I’m the one who named her kittens Ampersand and Interrobang. Polysyllabicism FTW.

  6. Whoa Tom, that’s great, and of course you’d choose an esoteric but fully loaded name of rich origin and nice tone.

    The logo and type are saying two different things to me. The logo is reminiscent is the IMA’s. Not a bad thing necessarily. The color palette is good but I wonder if you could eliminate a tone or two?

    Sorry, you asked! What do I know anyway. Keep us posted on the imprint project!

  7. Thanks, Jenn. Just playing around, really, and nothing will launch real soon. I can see the IMA comparison. As for the colors, I wanted a colorful palette like some African designs, for example. But I haven’t really worked it out yet.

    @Indiamos. Ampersand and Interrobang are great names. What do you call them for short? Amp and banger? Sandy and Terri? Which one is the horfer?

  8. I gave them those names because I like saying the words, so I tend to just call them by their names—except when I’m addressing them as “Sweetie,” “Sweetheart,” “Sweetiepet,” “Cutie,” “Cutiepie,” “Who’s the Cutest Kitten in the Tri-State Area?” “Bunny,” “Chou-chou,” . . .

    See, now you get to be the horker.

    (Usually that’s Ampersand’s role.)

  9. Hork! Hork! Hork!