Andy Hunter, Editor in Chief of Electric Literature, writes:

I wanted to let you know we just released our 2nd issue, featuring work by Colson Whitehead, Lydia Davis, Stephen O’Connor, Pasha Malla, and Marisa Silver….

We made a trailer for Colson’s story: – we are always extremely grateful when you feature our videos on your site.

Sure, why not?

Here’s a blurb:

In our autumn 2009 anthology, Colson Whitehead charts the rise to fame of a truth-telling comedian. Stephen O’Connor transports us to a cabin in the woods, where a young woman attempting to finish her dissertation in solitude becomes increasingly convinced she’s not alone. Pasha Malla follows a young writer as he explores how tragedy influences art—and how life falls short of it. Marisa Silver tells the tale of three sisters who perceive the truth about their parents through the eyes of some unexpected visitors, and Lydia Davis’ solitary narrator acutely details the behavior of three cows who live in a pasture just across the road.

Finally, we are having a party on Oct 28th in NYC with Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto, Michael Cunningham, Jim Shepard, and Martha Colburn…. Details are here:

Andy Hunter, Editor in Chief