Hell no, she won’t go!

Eighty-eight-year-old Sally Heriot lives in this one-bedroom apartment in a retirement community in Palo Alto. To live here she paid a nonrefundable entrance fee of $180,000 in 1991, and she has paid monthly fees of $2500 to $3500 since. In addition she pays for 24-hour private aides to assist her with tasks that have become difficult for her to manage. (San Francisco Chronicle photo by Christina Koci Hernandez)

sally heriot's apartment

Administrators at the facility, however, want to move Sally into a “room” like this one (Photo by Robert Herriot, appeared in the SF Chronicle):

chronicle photo

The administration says Sally will get better care in the “assisted-living unit.” She and her son dispute that, and they have hired lawyers to fight the move.

Good luck to you, Sally Heriot!

(via the San Francisco Chronicle)

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  1. I remember this article. Do you know what has happened since? Getting old in this country sure sucks. I’ve told my friends and family that if I get to old to get around and do what I love, just throw me off the bridge because I have no intention of making the medical profession (where I worked in administrative jobs for far too many years) any richer than they are.