Tips for writers who blog

The resourceful C.M. Mayo — a Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction winner, the author or editor of several books, and founding editor of the bilingual chapbook series Tameme — is preparing a panel on “Writers’s Blogs: Best (& Worst) Practices” for the Maryland Writers Association Conference. In preparation for the conference, she asked me to list three do’s and dont’s for writers’ blogs. My answer in brief: Don’t be too self-referential, Do have a consistent focus, Do create useful and original content, Don’t confuse press releases and publicity materials with blog posts, Don’t blog in a vacuum, and Do be generous. To learn more you’ll have to head on over to Madam Mayo’s place and read the full post.


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  1. Thanks for the link to Madam Mayo. I loved that link in your post to the blogger’s anthem. Blog on!

  2. Interesting post but a bit off putting for those who are not multi-talented (as you are). What about the rest of us average folks?

  3. I think you already do all these things, Nancy. And I noticed yesterday that you are on Modern Art Notes’ blogroll, so I think you are doing well.

  4. Holy Cow! I didn’t know. Thanks for the link — and now, I’ve got to go and celebrate! Plus, write better to live up to the link.