Previously I wrote about how I had segmented off my Northern Californiana and Mesoamerica material into separate blogs (Frisco Vista and Buried Mirror respectively). This blog is focusing a bit more on print and electronic publishing, defined broadly to including not just publishing industry issues but also writing, editing, translating, graphic design, typography, and aspects of webwork — everything that goes into getting stuff onto a page or screen.

But there are plenty topics that I write on that don’t fit all that well. And these include some of the most popular pages on the site, such as ones on Chinese jades, Taoism, the Yi jing (I Ching), East Asian printing, travel-related writing and photography, and so on. And then there’s also all the weird and goofy crap (like this, this, this, or this) that amuses some people and annoys others.

For all the sobrante — the left-0ver and miscellaneous stuff — there’s Frozen Coagulated Culture. FCC was my first blog — well, my second after a LJ one that is now used mainly for personal and family stuff. The name comes from my first book-length translation, a technical translation done for a big international corporation back when I was a student, called Frozen Coagulated Cultures in Wine, Cheese, and Sauerkraut Production. You’ve probably read it.

I’ve had that blog hosted on blogger. But blogger still lacks the functionality and flexibility of WordPress. You can’t use widgets or trackbacks, for example. So I’ve moved FCC over here to be served up via WordPress. I’ve decided to start mostly fresh, so I haven’t ported over the old material. No doubt posts will pile up quickly. A blank canvas (and a new theme), woot!

UPDATE: How to send a trackback with blogger (using third party sortware or services).