ELA seems to be a pretty good WordPress plugin. I’ve never had an archives link on my blogs, because I don’t think it’s of much interest to most people. Still, one might occasionally want to check out what was going on b in the d. Extended Live Archives lets you create a dynamic archive page, so that instead of the usual list of years and months you only need to devote a simple link to the function. Once at the page you can view archives by date or category.

Let’s try it out. The link (“archives”) is in the group of tightly bunched links near the top of the left sidebar, between the right reading tagline and the drop-down categories menu. (The page links are separated with bold superscript periods.) So what were we doing last October? First, I see I was still mixing in the offbeat stuff that I’ve since moved to Frozen Culture (I should probably 301 redirect some of this); more recently I’ve been keeping this blog more focused on print and electronic publishing issues. I also see that I posted my piece on copyediting Shakespeare, which was picked up by the journal Rosebud; on a more serious note, I put up my Mercury House introduction to Henry Handel Richardson’s The Getting of Wisdom; and I started my whimsical left face/right face project.

Download the plugin from Sons of Skadi and follow the installation instructions at 24Fighting Chickens.