With France mired in malaise, French voters have turned away from the center-right government of Jacques Chirac in favor of the center-right government of Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Guardian has provided a interesting statistical comparison of the U.S. and France:

US: 301m. France: 61m

Life expectancy
US: male 75.15 years, female 80.97 years.
France: male 77.35 years, female 84 years.

Working week
US: approx 46 hours. France: usually 35 hours

Population living below the poverty line (for two adults and one child)
US: 12%. France: 6.2%

Minimum wage
US: varies widely from state to state – no such thing in Alabama. France: €8.27 (about US $11.18 per yahoo currency)

Usual retirement age
US: 65-67. France: 60

Prison population
US: 2 million plus. France: 50,500 plus

Number of murders a year
US: 16,692. France: approx 1,000

Number of overweight citizens
US: a little more than two thirds. France: a little under one third

(via Translation Blog)