From Manuscript to Finished Art Book in Four Weeks

MASTER OF BAMBOO coverI’m writing this from yet another press check. Yes, I put this 144-page full-color, complicated art book together in a single month. I received materials in January and I’ll have finished books next week.

While the speed of this job is remarkable (museum art books often take a year or more to put together), what I wanted to talk about was the design of the book. In the spaces between checking forms here at the plant, I’ve put together an overview of the book’s elements and their design. (This is a fairly extensive piece.) Check it out!

(BTW, I’m too tired of this to give it another round of proofing. Please let me know if you find broken links, missing images, typos, etc.)

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  1. Not sure how to enlarge the pages enough to really check them but the layout looks great!

  2. Thanks, Annie.

    The first page is a thumbnail page, the others are a bit larger (most images are 500 pixels wide). I don’t go any bigger than that — you can’t really read the pages, but you can see the design elements pretty well.

  3. cool. nice trip, following you at work on this project.
    but you’re taking a helllllofa risk with the bar code.
    if i was your boss, i’d put you in detention.

  4. Thanks, Howard. Most of our sales are through our own store, which doesn’t use the bar code. If it didn’t work, I would have had to sticker the distributor copies. But I was actually reasonably confident it would work, because I’ve pushed bar codes before, and they’re not as sensitive as most people think.

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    Not sure how to enlarge the pages enough to really check them