A Christmas tradition

martyrdom of nicholas 2 by thomas christensen

Above: The Martyrdom of Nicholas 2, 2007, colored pixels, by Thomas Christensen and the master of Saint-Austremoine-Issoire.

Below: The Martyrdom of Nicholas, 2006, colored pixels, by Thomas Christensen and Francisco de Goya. (Last year I also listed the top ten seasonal songs that don’t mention Christmas.)

The Martrydom of Nicholas, by Francisco de Goya and Thomas Christensen

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  1. Very and I really mean very interesting. Congratulations!

  2. yeah these are very interesting and very confusing at the same time haha. Happy holidays 😉

  3. Goya would be proud of you! ROFLOL~

  4. See now this is the reason that I am a regular visitor here, what i get to see here and learn here is not merely interesting, it is riveting, informative, erudite, thought provoking and here i run out of words. so I’ll just say thanks, and keep it coming.

  5. I like the 2006 version looks so real

  6. Thanks, LR, nice to have you as a reader.