Saving endangered words

Quote of the day — and a call to action –from Times Online:

It may appear agrestic to ask, but The Times is calling on its readers to come to the rescue of words that risk fading into caliginosity.

Dictionary compilers at Collins have decided that the word list for the forthcoming edition of its largest volume is embrangled with words so obscure that they are linguistic recrement. Such words, they say, must be exuviated abstergently to make room for modern additions that will act as a roborant for the book….


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  1. Love this idea, there are some great words out there. Speaking for myself I hate so called text speak. I have a friend who insists on using it in her e mails. They take me twice as long to read as normal.
    One of my favourite words is ‘crepuscular’. Meaning 1) Of or like twilight 2) Active at twilight (animals)