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How to figure an advance against book royalties

How much should an advance against royalties be?

New York Public Library provides hi-res images for free use

It’s encouraging to see libraries and museums beginning to make public domain images freely available, increasingly providing high-resolution scans or photos for downloading. Historically, they have guarded images of objects in their collections as a private source of income. Count the New York Public Library among the honorable elite who have made their pd images available to be shared.

Bravo, Walters!

The Walters Art Museum has donated some 19,000 images of works from their collections to Wikimedia. They are among the museums — another is the Getty — who reject…

Frequently asked questions — how do I protect my work’s copyright?

I receive a lot of e-mail from aspiring authors, mainly because of the popularity of my guide to getting a book published, and to a lesser degree my…

Mailbag: What should my royalty rate be?

Rightreading hereby initiates a new feature (no doubt destined to be as fitful as all our others) in which we answer e-mails from readers. . A reader writes…

Should publishing be open?

Tim O’Reilly makes some points in its favor. .

Reader sues over translations

The reader, Bradley LaShawn Fowler, is suing two Bible publishers (Thomas Nelson and Zondervan), alleging that the translators erroneously rendered a passage resulting in a false suggestion that…

Copyright flow chart

The law firm of Bromberg and Sunstein has an unusually handy flow chart of U.S. copyright duration on their website. Speaking of copyright, the flow chart bears a…

Creative Commons

If you will glance down at the footer on this page (or follow the “about” or “policies” links) you will see that I have replaced my copyright notices…

Recognizing scam publishing offers

Ellen M. Kozak has written a nice summary at Wisconsin Lawyer about “Spotting the Publishing Scam.” You can read the full post there, but I think it’s worth…

Happy Public Domain Day

Midnight at the end of December 31 marked the passing of countless works into public domain. Copyright laws vary by country around the world. Most countries observe passage…

Is copyright corroding our society?

That’s what Stanford professor Larry Lessig says in this lecture (it takes about 19 minutes and it’s well worth watching the whole thing — but in any case…

Read the contract

You don’t want this sad story to be yours.

Optimal Copyright

Rufus Pollock, a PhD candidate in economics at the University of Cambridge, has done a calculation that he says shows the optimum term of copyright is 14 years….

Copyright video

Below is part one of the Disneyfied copyright video. I previously linked to part two — which proves the information must be reliable.

The Fairy Use Doctrine

Disney characters recite the Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use.

Answering the copyright question for books published 1923-1963

Okay, we know books published in the U.S. before 1923 are probably in public domain. And the copyright of books published after 1963 was automatically renewed. But books…

Universal Google?

In D-Lib magazine David Bearman provides an abstract of the argument Jean-Noël Jeanneney (President of the Bibliothèque nationale de France) presents in his Google and the Myth of…