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Mailbag: Left Abe, Right Abe Makes Textbook Appearance

A representative of Oxford University Press writes requesting permission to use this image of Abe Lincoln (one of the 44 U.S. presidents better than the current one) in…

The pot in the garden

Shakespeare’s garden, that is (click image for link to BBC video).    

What is water?

Cool video made from David Foster Wallace commencement address.

Stand by me

While we’re on the subject of music, here’s a fine chorus of street musicians from around the world. Pretty cool.

Who knows the way? Johnny Cash!

Denisovan migration across the Pacific

  This map, from arstechnica, shows the distribution of genes of a protohuman species,┬áDenisova hominins, among modern humans. The blue area in Europe, West Asia, and North Africa…

Monkeys and squirrels in trees

This image is by the great Mughal painter Abul Hasan (I devote a few pages to him in the book I’m currently working on). Usually called “Squirrels in…