Trilby, Allumi, Calluna, Giorgio, Leksa, Sentinel, Catacumba

Who or what are Trilby, Allumi, Calluna, Giorgio, Leksa, and Catacumba?

a. Captains of vessels in the fleet of the early seventeenth-century Dutch adventurer Joris van Spilbergen.

b. Winning dogs in the hunting dog category at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

c. Characters in a new Star Trek television series to be released next fall.

d. Other.

. . .

. . .

. . .

The answer, of course, is “other” — these are some of the best typefaces of 2009, in the opinion of I Love Typography. Another favorite from this set is the amazingly extensive (and expensive) Trilogy, shown below. An interesting selection, worth checking out (the type sample is clickable).

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  1. Which is which though?

  2. In the sample shown all of the characters are from the typeface family Trilogy, which includes 103 fonts!

  3. I’m glad I waited for the answer before I jumped in with the wrong response. I could have sworn that these were dogs’ names. I would never have guessed type. But then, given what I know of your interests, I shouldn’t have been surprised.