My fitful progress on The Typehead Chronicles continues with a page devoted to Galliard. I’m working now on a book about the art of the Mewar kingdom of Rajasthan in which I’m using Galliard. Soon I’ll start adding a few more visuals to my typeface pages.

galliard grooves

Galliard has, if anything, been overused since its introduction as a phototype face in 1978. But I haven’t used it much because the digital version has lacked old style figs and other elements I require (I guess there was a Carter & Cone version, but I don’t know anything about it). That’s changed now with the new, long-overdue ITC Pro version, which has a nice set of typographic features. (And it’s available in OpenType, which is the way to go, IMO.)


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  1. Herberto Calzino

    Galliard is so good a typeface, I am use it often.

  2. Thanks, Herberto. I’ve always liked the italic. Hoping to get to know the face better. Maybe I should have leaded my text a little more in the book I’m working on now. But at some point you have to go with what you’ve got.