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font stars of 2007

FontShop has a nice offer for anyone wanting to freshen up their typeface collection. Called FontStars 2007, it includes 29 OpenType fonts from 14 foundries at a discounted price ($599 for the lot). It’s a judicious selection that includes six text fonts and eleven display fonts. Shown below are Anziano from OurType, Amalia from Fountain, Clan from FontFont, and Seravek from Process Type Foundry.

Anziano is a kind of laconic old style face that has much of the character of a Venetian typeface but streamlines the serifs and outlines in a modern-seeming way. Amalia is a sharp-edged text serif that brings a fresh approach. Clan is an entry in the squarish sans serif category that comes in a range of weights. Seravek is a really handsome linear sans serif. Check out the FontStars webpage to see more.

The downside of the package is that you only get some of the fonts from each type family. You get the basic regular, bold, and italic fonts, but if you want the Anziano alternates or a larger range of Clan weights, for example, you will need to buy them separately.

four text typefaces

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  1. Glad you like the collection, Tom. When I noticed that someone from the Asian Art Museum bought one I was excited to see what might be produced. I love the museum and will check out your work.

  2. Thanks, Stephen. I’m still getting a feel for the faces, and I’m not sure how I will use them yet. Maybe on a project coming up this summer; I’ll try to remember to post an update.

  3. I would love to get these but $600 is too much money for me to spend on font lust. I guess I’ll just have to practice my calligraphy more.