Shepard Fairey at Gingko Press

Here’s a familiar image:

barack obama by shepard fairey

It’s by Shepard Fairey. My friend Ellen, who works at Gingko Press (currently located in Marin County but soon to move to Berkeley), informs me that the press has reprinted a choice selection of Fairey’s work that is selling so fast they can’t keep it on the shelves. The monograph was originally published in a limited edition paperback in Japan. According to the Gingko site, the book “documents Shepard Fairey’s career from his creation of the Giant phenomenon [THE GIANT HAS A POSSE] up to and including the advent of Black Market, a San Diego design agency Fairey formed with Dave Kinsey and Philip Dewolff.”

Shepard Fairey, Post No Bills

Here’s another Fairey for you. This is called Mujer Fatal.

mujer fatal by shepard fairey

Fairey’s own website is


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  1. I’d be a lot more impressed with Fairey if I wasn’t aware of his “recycling” original sources without attribution. There’s quite a lot of discussion about this on various websites:
    Unfortunately, the lack of art history classes in schools means that that a lot of people aren’t aware of the rich history of political art from previous eras. Maybe if they did know who he was copying, they would ask more questions about authenticity and be less impressed.

  2. jerry dingles

    interesting enough, super touch has posted a response to all this obey plagarism: