Cà d’Zan Mansion, Sarasota, Florida

Just a photo today. This view of the patio of the Ringling mansion in Sarasota — the building is rather ostentatiously called the Cà d’Zan — was taken looking out through its tinted windows.

This is from a couple of years ago. I happened across it when I was cleaning up an old photo card I haven’t used in, well, a couple of years.


A couple more photos here. Maybe more coming to the same set, if time allows.


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  1. A really great blog. I worked at the Ringling museum from 83-86. At the Ringling residence. It is a true piece of history. The location on the bay is beautiful. The giant banyan trees are spectacular. The curator of the mansion was cleaning out the 3rd floor during my employment, and I managed to rescue a long gold rope tassel, about 6 feet long, that was used in John Ringlings bedroom. Anyone wanting to see it, just email me and I will send the picture to you. i hope you can see my Florida travel blogs. They are pretty good with lots of photos and info. Again, great blog and all the best.