lily cole Lately I’ve been playing around with a Photoshop technique for creating sketchlike outlines from photographs. The image at right began as a photo of a model named Lily Cole; you can see the original at Book of Joe in a post entitled “There’s a reason they’re called ‘The Bugs.'”

What I’ve been doing is this:

1. Desaturate the image
2. Adjust the contrast (optional; this is best done with levels or curves)
3. Duplicate the layer
4. Invert the new layer
5. Set the layer blend mode as “color dodge.”
6. Apply a “minimum” filter (listed under “other”) to the blend layer. Best is probably a small setting of about 1-3 pixels, depending on the image size.
7. Add an effect of choice (optional). In this case I applied “colorize” from the adjust -> hue/saturation menu.