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Mistakes designers make

Tara at Graphic Design Blog lists seven mistakes beginning designers make. It’s a pretty good list — I see the first item a lot.

  1. Producing two or more design concepts that are very similar
  2. Adding things in rather than taking them away
  3. Concentrating on features rather than benefits
  4. Not targeting the right audience or having enough gravitas
  5. Not presenting the finished design in the best way possible.
  6. Not sketching first
  7. Underselling your design work

Read more at Graphic Design Blog.


Reading up on health care


No. Why do you ask?


  1. Lucy

    Nice list. I’ve definitely seen my young designer friends make a lot of these mistakes.

  2. Jun B. Lumongsod

    Yeap thats pretty much the mistakes that occur when it comes on doing your grahic design… it is very important to dont overlook some certain things on your design for it will somehow make your down fall and the design wont be very effective and appealing….

  3. N2 is always a great temptation and needs to be resisted.

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