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The Gettysburg PowerPoint

As Presidents Day approaches, it is worth recalling one of our nation’s finest moments.  

My Photoshop default workflow

I process most images that I post to the web in Photoshop, and I have a simple workflow that does what I want with a minimum of fuss….

The Photoshop Wizardry of Al Qaeda

A new program reveals manipulation in still photos and videos. It shows Al Qaeda images have been heavily manipulated. Story via Wired.

Free Vista Fonts

If you have a Windows system but you aren’t running Vista you can still legally install the new Vista fonts (which will work fine without Vista) for free….

Death by Powerpoint

When I consider the seemingly endless hours of Powerpoint-inflicted boredom I’ve suffered through in my lifetime it’s hard to believe the software has only been around for what,…

At last, a Firefox extension simple enough for academics

It’s called zotero. It helps academics pad their notes and bibliographies find manage, and cite sources. It automatically captures citation information from web pages, eliminating that annoying requirement…