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Cats as typefaces

Gotta say, this is purrty well done. More like this over at Bombi(llo).

Google on Google

You find some funny things in your gmail spam folder sometimes. Google seems to think this e-mail is spam.

Pantone Chip Cookies

Kim Neill at tells you how to bake them.

Wikipedia is marvelously comic

This strikes me as quintessential Wikipedia. I love that someone thought that a reader interested in the Russian tsar Boris Gudunov (1551-1605) would want to know about a…

A formalist analysis of the literary genre of the Windows installation plaint; or, an agony in nine fits

Commenter Ajay on the Making Light Forum has deconstructed the genre: I. Exordium. The narrator introduces himself, establishes his experience in computing (ethos) and exhorts the listeners to…

Breaking news in typography

Right Reading was pleased to receive the following news brief via inter office mail from bittermelon: Extra-Slanty Italics Introduced for Extremely Important Words NEW HOPE, MN—In an attempt…

The strange passage of time

Ineachday put up some old family photos. Can this blurry fellow really have been me once? (Yes, this is a rare personal post on Right Reading.) .

Amazon apologizes

. via Edward Champion .