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Give the headline writer a raise

Everybody in New York Hates Slate Reporter Who Complained About Indie Bookstores

Book vs. Kindle Smackdown

Green Apple Books — located right here in the Bay Area — has launched a ten-round battle between the book and the kindle. Who do you suppose wins round one?

Destination bookstores

Has it come to this? Is it left to USAToday/Associated Press to be the guardian of our literary culture? Beth J. Harpaz, AP Travel Editor, has selected nine…

Amazon-France tussle continues

As noted before, the Europeans are less sanguine about large internet companies than is the U.S. In France, Amazon wanted to offer free shipping to its customers. But…

Flexible pricing or independent booksellers who pay for readings?

The chains’ dominance of the bookstore segment of the U.S. book publishing industry is a result of the value the country places on open competition. Would you be…