The kindness of strangers

Here’s a cool thing. I received an e-mail yesterday from Dave Kellam, someone I didn’t know. An excerpt:

Just found your blog today, via India Amos. I’m an aspiring book designer, and it’s been fun poking through your site. One of the posts linked to another post ( about wanting a WP plugin. I’ve created a few WordPress plugins, and might be able help you out with you with a custom plugin.

I wanted to automatically link to a specific date in my daybook based on today’s date. It’s a small thing, but the daybook was one of the first things I did on the web, around fourteen years ago, and I still like to promote it a little.

What was frustrating me was that I had created a little javascript program that would link to the month file, but — since I tend to get muddled when I get more than an inch or two deep into code — I couldn’t figure out how to make each day link correctly.

Dave redid the  program as php, and even made a little WordPress widget using it. You can see it in action near the top of the left sidebar, between the right reading definition and the mess of links to various of my pages and sites.


Everyone must immediately visit Dave Kellam’s clean, well-designed, informative blog, and subscribe to its feed. (I hear he’ll also do book design work at a reasonable rate.)


UPDATE: My server is located in Chicago and the php echoes server time, so I’ve added a time function and a note to this effect since the date will be different in different parts of the world.


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  1. Yay! Nice people rock!

    And thanks for making me notice that even though I already subscribe to Dave’s feed, I don’t have him in my site’s blogroll.